Autumn Morning



Well, actually it’s not.  It’s supposed to be spring, a month away from Summer.

But driving to work this morning with the grey mist hanging in the air, and the wet roads throwing up spray as people drive over them I was reminded of autumn far more!

Come on spring and summer!  We miss you!


3 thoughts on “Autumn Morning

  1. It was 32C here today, Stace, so feel free to come on over and share the wealth – and the warmth! It *is* quite humid though, and I have the poodle hair to prove it! lol

    == Cass

    • Now that’s just nasty! Though today is lovely! Warm enough that lunch is going to be in the school yard (hopefully on the comfortable lounge set!)

      (But still only 20C or so!)


      • It was even warmer today! Yuck. And I have a sore throat to boot. I suspect it’s from inadvertently leaving a fan blowing directly on me all night. Apparently my poor throat got the chills from the fan *and* the air conditioner tag-teaming it all night long. :c)

        One more steamy day here, then it is supposed to be back to normal. Yea!!!


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