I love going through my old photo’s to see what I can find whilst the weather is making me want to stay in the warm confines of home!

This is a few years old, and I just thought – how can you live in Holland with a photo blog and not do a windmill?


3 thoughts on “Holland

  1. We really must insist on a photo of a dike at some point, Stace. Just like people insist on a photo outside the “Cheers” bar and Fenway Park to represent Boston. :c)

    == Cass

    • Actually… This can be both – the windmill is built on a dyke 🙂 That’s why it looks as though there is a hill – trust me we don’t have many of those around here!


      • lol No, I guess you don’t, do you?

        My old (and likely future) stomping grounds, Seattle, has a few hills nearby:

        (To attempt to put that shot in perspective, Mount Ranier is TWO AND A HALF HOURS from downtown Seattle. In other words, it is quite large. :-p)

        And this was (more or less) the view from my last apartment in Seattle:

        Yes, I was more than a bit spoiled!

        == Cass

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