Tin Man



A few years ago they started to rebuild the centre of the town where I live.  It’s worked well so far – lots of flourishing shops and plenty of people.

One of the things they did to provide a landmark was erect a giant tin man in the main square.  Always a talking point when someone comes for the first time!


3 thoughts on “Tin Man

  1. Love this!

    Seattle has its equivalent: the Hammering Man, out the Seattle Art Museum in downtown Seattle:

    I would always meet people there because *everyone* knew what you meant – and if they didn’t they could figure it out instantly. :c)

    == Cass

    • As you say, it just makes it easier to say get off of the bus and meet me by the tin man. They get to the town centre and know where to meet you even before they get off ;p

      I can see how that hammering man would be just as good! Wonderful!


      • Seattle has several other landmarks like this. Although perhaps not quite as imposing, they are at least as much fun. Both are in the Fremont neighborhood – or, as it is only semi-jokingly known, “the People’s Republic of Fremont”:

        As you can see, ol’ Vlad is bit less bellicose these days. :c)

        And here is my favorite landmark in Seattle – the Fremont Troll:

        In case you can’t see it, that is a full-size Volkswagen Bug he is crushing. ;c)

        I worked there several times during my tenure; it was never, ever boring. lol

        == Cass

        P.S. They also had the Solstice Parade. I will let you explore what it is on your own (be sure to read about the Solstice Cyclists, btw):



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