Sugar Factory

Factory 60s

I’ve finally got a bit of time to think about the next week and try and come up with a theme in advance.

Actually there is a bit of a back story to the pictures from this week. About 18 months after moving to The Netherlands I had made the decision to move back to the UK. My current company were treating me like dirt and I had a few good offers on the table – all but one still in the Netherlands. But, I picked the one in the UK. About three weeks before moving back I got the worst tonsillitis that I have ever had, it laid me up for just over a week – even a 500m walk to the shops had to be completed in 4 short walks and a sit down in the middle (I lived on my own and so had no choice but to shop that way). Whilst recovering I heard some bad news from the new job, an American company had taken over the company I was going to work for and the first thing they did was fire all of the developers in the UK.  So…  Redundant before I had even begun!

As the climate was great then for job hunters I got another job almost immediately, but the shock got to me a bit.  As soon as I was able I went for a short ride in the countryside (which turned into a very, very long ride for someone in my condition) and around the main canal in the area. What I found on the trip was an abandoned factory on the other side – and I fell in love with it. There was something about the way that the decay had affected the buildings, a kind of strange beauty (at least that’s what I thought…).

As you may guess the other job was still in the Netherlands and I have never thought about leaving again!

Anyway, flash forward 12 years and I was bored on a bank holiday Monday with good weather and I just got the idea to go back there and see if it was still standing. My and my partner cycled across the countryside, past a runway and through a small village to find the same spot I had before, only without going the long way around. With my 5D and a long lens I got some shots that I was going to play with later.

And this series is the result. Please be aware that I was playing with the software that came with the camera (Canon DPP) to see what I could make of the shots and so these are really experiments (and probably some failed ones at that!). But I like the results, and wish I could find some more decaying industry to shoot again!

I love this picture because it reminds me a “plate” page in the middle of a book from the 1960s, where the contrast is way to big – but the impression of the picture is all the more striking for it.


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