A weather indicator

Windmill France

As I write this (the day before you see it) I am sitting in home (half) watching a film wishing that I was outside.

But, alas, the weather has conspired against me! This morning it was raining that hard that I could barely see the garden, and this afternoon the trees are bent at rather silly angles.  Any thought of relaxing in the garden has been a little dented!

But… Always make the best of it, I suppose. I spent the afternoon deep cleaning my coffee machine – I love the coffee, but can they not make a machine that does not need an hour of intensive work every month to get the best from it!  Anyway, it’s done and I have just finished a wonderful cappuccino as payment to myself!

One more chore to do (clean the cat’s electronic water bowl – yes the cat is a gadget freak as well) and then I can make a start on food – whilst watching the weather of course 🙂


3 thoughts on “A weather indicator

  1. Wait… an “electronic water bowl”?!? We demand photos, Stace!!! (And I thought we spoiled Sebastian, my family’s cat, when I was growing up! lol)

    Caffeine is my only vice now that I finally stopped chewing my fingernails, so I know how you feel about cleaning it. I’ve found one part vinegar to two parts water works really well. I usually do it twice, because my coffee maker is getting old.

    Here’s a good summary if you’re curious:


    Enjoy your cappuccino, Stace! I’m enjoying my iced coffee after a two-hour walk. :c)


    • Yup. He didn’t drink enough water, and we read online that can be because it is not flowing. Since getting the electronic one (it’s basically a fountain) he drinks to much more, and is healthier for it!

      Ad for the machine… I have a bean to cup cappuccino maker. Cleaning it is evil! You have to remove the brew group, clean it thoroughly, grease the seals (otherwise the water just comes through at the high pressure that it works) clean the inside of the machine, the drip tray and coffee grinds container.

      then you have to de-scale the machine using a soluable tablet and the automatic program in the machine (read watch it doing almost nothing for 20 minutes), clean the water tank thoroughly (you don’t want to drink the dregs of the solution) and then pop a cleaning tablet in the machine, watch it do nearly nothing for 20 minutes.

      Empty the drip tray again, add a new water filter to the tank and set the program for for that going and then finally run a large, week coffee through the machine to ensure that everything is suitably rinsed!

      If it wasn’t for the fact that it makes *such* great cappuccinos I would have given up a long time ago 🙂


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