Big cats fortnight – Panther


This week I am looking back to a holiday in 2011 – a week spent just outside Paris where we took trips to a big cat park, a walled city, Paris itself (dud!) and of course Euro Disney (well, we were there with our niece and nephew ;p

I’m limiting myself to the big cats, just to try and keep to a theme again. Expect the walled city at some point, Paris…  Maybe – I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t get that many shots that I am wowed by (difficult city to photograph when you are only there for 7 hours!).

And to start – the relaxing panther.  Why? Because we saw thing and immediately thought of our pet, who in his mind is, I’m sure, as big and scary as thing kitty!

I would like to add a disclaimer here though.  I am in a real twiz about zoos. On the one hand they can do amazing conservation work, and some of them ensure that they have enough space for the animals to stay sane.

Some of them are far too small for what they want to be, and when I am in a zoo like that I’m on the edge of tears. And getting angry from those around me astounded that the zoo has managed to get the animals to walk up and down in front of the visitors. No! The animals are pacing because they have cabin fever and are stressed to hell!

I have been to a couple in Holland and the space they had available was great – the available space was huge and the animals looked relaxed rather than pacing level stressed. I have been to others where I have been appalled and emotional about the state of the animals.

The cats at this zoo had a lot of space. There were some white tigers that I was worried about, but the rest had oodles of space and it was a joy to see.

For those interested the park is:


2 thoughts on “Big cats fortnight – Panther

    • No…. But he/she did have very, very big teeth! 🙂


      PS Thanks! It was a hard day for the photos as (obviously) there are lots of fences between you and the animals. I’m really pleased I had the DSLR with me – there is no way that a compact would have been able to focus out the fence!

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