Back again



OK, I was away longer than I thought…

The illness hit me harder than I thought, and I needed to recuperate. On top of that I have  just been back to the UK to visit family and celebrate my birthday 🙂

Today’s picture is of my parent’s Old English Sheepdog looking very regal.

Last year she turned 13 years old, 30% older than expected for her breed and she has not been in the best health recently. We thought that we were not going to see her again actually. But she held on and I saw her this visit. Unfortunately she deteriorated on the third day of our visit and the vet said that the time had come to say goodbye. It was very sad, but at least we got to see her one last time.


3 thoughts on “Back again

  1. Welcome back, Stace! You havve been missed.

    What a beautiful picture. You can see that she was loved very much. I’m sorry for your loss, but glad you got to see her one last time.


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