Hmm… Should I have included this one?

One of the things I do when trying to take pictures (as opposed to holiday snaps) is try to play.  A little. This type of shot is one that has always eluded me – they never come out quite as I envision them in my head.

That said, I don’t think this one is too bad…

The wall itself is supporting the ground of the cathedral, you have to walk down a lane to get to the river and I guess they prefer that the grounds don’t slope with the path 🙂


3 thoughts on “Wall

    • I would say a 30 yards or less. The wall is maybe 12′ tall – it seemed twice as tall as me anyway 🙂


      PS I’ve been in Holland too long! I was thinking 20 or 30 meters and coming up for 3.5 meters tall!

      • I suspected it was something along those lines – and why I was so impressed with this!

        Unlike most Americans, I do try to think metric when I can. Unfortunately, my math skills are less than stellar, to be kind, and I tend to get confused easily. (“Huh… I don’t *feel* as if I weigh 135 KG…” lol)

        == Cass

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