Stewart Tartan


For the last 6 months I’ve been failing to decide whether or not to buy a 1950s dress. I loved the way that it looked but was too concerned that a full circle swing skirt with petticoat would be over the top. Especially for the office.

Well, it arrived this week and I adore it! And got compliments. So much so that the black watch tartan version has just been ordered 🙂

Yes, I am addicted to dresses!


3 thoughts on “Stewart Tartan

    • I love the dress, and people telling me that the petticoat didn’t look daft was just the icing on the cake!

      I recommend, good prices, world delivery and very friendly staff when you need to contact them. And no, I don’t have shares, they have all of my money!


      • Checking out the site now… I can see why you recommend them! I am going to be ordering some things from them in the future, I can see that! And petticoats will definitely be among my first purchases!

        == Cass

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