Seeing Stars!


So there was I today wondering what I was going to post. The weather has improved (a bit) and I’ve seen some wonderful shots on my way home. Unfortunately seeing them in a car does not help when you can not stop…

But, the question was answered when a stone came flying at the far and put a large star right in front of me. Grrr…

You see, I’m now out of the house with a 30 minute wait before it fixed, so time for a challenge: can you make a photo for the day sitting in a car glass garage’s waiting room?

I’ll let you be the judge of that… If it helps, the coffee was bad as I was expecting – I won’t be taking another…

Just as a juxtaposition: this room looks like you would expect (depressing) and I’m here in the red and white tartan dress, with petticoat, and bright red handbag, feeling very out of place!


2 thoughts on “Seeing Stars!

  1. I like the picture, but I *really* want to see you in the dress and petticoat, hon! I’m looking for ideas for myself when I buy an outfit like yours for myself! 🙂

    == Cass

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