Well, the weather is still fighting me, as is time – I can’t remember the last time I adored for lunch rather than work through!

So here is a macro of our house plant. As fake as fake can be, we kill real plants rather too quickly to buy real ones any more… But it’s not bad, and from a distance gives the right impression – which is what we want from plants inn the house šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Fake

    • But Cactii are so forgiving!!!!
      I had one years ago that I treated terribly. Watered when I remembered. Fed occasionally and somehow managed to not lose through several house moves.
      It got put on a shelf in the porch to our current home, which happens to have glass, sliding doors and is south facing. One day as I was leaving the hours I happened to glance at it and noticed some growths on it. Over the next few days the growths turned into buds and then into flowers. After almost 10 years of poor care from me, the little monkey decided to reward me by flowering.

      That said I’m sat by a bunch of artificial flowers in a vase right now and we have a pair of silver roses on a unit behind me that my son and I bought for my other half at Christmas.

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