You’ve got a loose wire!


It was time to replace my workhorse laptop and I’ve been busy searching for something small, light and with the power of a desktop workstation. A few years ago Sony’s Viao Z range was about the only option, but as Sony no longer make laptops even that was gone… A choice of Dell XPS 15 seemed to be it. It’s just a shame that they don’t make buying one easy!

So, I eventually settled for an Asus Zenbook pro. Same processor, same discreet graphics, same wireless adaptor and same screen specifications. But, NVMe SSD to make it seriously speedy! It has downsides in that its only 512GB and max 24GB of storage and ram and weighs 10% more. But, at 600 less its also far cheaper!

Since I had it the wireless performance has been less than stellar. I almost sent it back it was so poor. Then I discovered that using the windows driver made it better (faster than N, but a slower than I expected from AC) so I bought an upgrade to get the 24GB ram and took it apart.

When putting it back together I noticed something wrong (see the black cable above). Attach that and ‘BING’ suddenly I have 360Mbps real world transfer speed across my network. Phew! Now to make some fun POC websites using it 🙂


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