Park 21 Selfie


(This should have been posted on Sunday, but sends to have got stuck during publishing…)

Sunday today, and time for my weekend run. The weather was fantastic! At least it would have been fantastic if I’d been resting in the garden on the lounge furniture. For a 90 minute run it was maybe, just maybe, a touch on the warm side!

This was taken at the entrance to Park 21, the start of some nice countryside for running, cycling or taking an easy stroll.

I have learnt that I need a bottle belt for running long distances in the summer. By the time I got home I was parched! And maybe a white cap / visor as my black one absorbs too much heat. Oh, and remember my sunscreen… Where I wasn’t covered by my running gear I am a little red…

And… One last thing. Not that Holland is a low country, but the lowest point of my run was -8m. The highest, after climbing from base level (not sea leven ;p ) I got to a hideous height of… -3 meters!


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