In the corner


Today I was a bit of a failed (petrol head) parent. Whilst taking my others car to the garage to get the oil filled and the wipers changed. With my little boy in tow we went and handed over the keys and I said to him, “Shall we look at the cars?” “Nee, hoor!” Came the response. So, that would be a no then 🙂

He knew exactly where he warned to go, directly to the kids corner (he’s been there before…) where he could draw, on paper to take home with him, and on a chalk board. He then spent the next 30 minutes in a state of bliss, moving from his masterpiece to the chalk and back again repeatedly.

Then when it was time to go, he passed me his drawing, said goodbye to the sales and reception staff and left with a huge smile on his face 🙂

(I still got my car window shopping in, whilst he was drawing I took a look at a couple of the cars parked near the kids corner)


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