Beep dogs, or one third…


Ok, that’s not a picture of dogs ;p

But, the reason why I could get the picture is!

Sunday, my running day. Sure to my other half being it this morning I couldn’t run as I was alone with my little man. So we did our yearly gardening. Annuals in the planters front and rear, to up the putting compost that they sit in and brush up. So a trip to the garden centre, buying the little guy his own mini brush so that he found join in. Getting his hands filthy breaking up the putting compost and putting the annuals into the ground. Ask gear fun, and sort of spaying vinegar to kill the weeds over the next week all that I do in the way of real gardening all year πŸ™‚

This afternoon my other half returned, we got our little man up from his nap and I went for a run in the afternoon haze. I had a route planned out, but changed it mid run. I thought I would run next to the large canal (that allows my house not to sit several meters under water!) for a change. Ask was going well, making good time and being really happy with my…  Two huge dogs come running around a house with a fence less than 1 meter high, snarling, baking and with teeth shown. I have a burst of speed as one put his two front paws over the fence and I thought it was going to jump it.

One I felt a little safe I showed down to a walk, my rhythm destroyed and knowing that my run was pretty much over. The problem was that I was on a ring canal. So the only thing I can do was walk further away from home or go past those dogs a second time (not happening!). Only I came across another open garden with another massive dog sitting in it. Deciding that as this house was even more open than the previous one trying to go past would be too risky I called my other half the cone and fetch me in her car.

The picture? There was lots of canal traffic from my ‘safe’ place whilst waiting. Depending on how much time I have this week you may get to see singe if the other shots I got too. I’m really shaken by this, but trying to look on the bright side with the pictures I got, and the fact that I now count a 5.5km run as far too short! 6 months ago that would have been a long run, now it’s a little more than 1/3 πŸ™‚


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