To advance you remove


I grew up in a time when there were phone boxes dotted around the neighbourhood. If you needed to call someone when you were out you found a box, hoped it was empty (and clean) and working. Put your money in (hoped you had change!) and called until the pips sounded.

When you were out and it started raining you ran to a box and tried to see how many people you could fit in.

In buildings you got phone hoods on the wall, something to try and give you give privacy, and peace and quiet for during your call (they didn’t work!).

These days we all have mobiles, the boxes are disappearing or being repurposed (I’d love one for the garden, but they cost a fortune!) and the booths no longer have a purpose.

But… In modern offices people have to hot desk, there are many people having business (And personal, and fun) conversations; meaning that making a call on a desk phone is getting increasingly difficult. And so we had these installed recently.

They still don’t work for the privacy idea 🙂 Oh, and they seem to have a lot of metal in them as they work well as a Faraday  cage ;p

They do made interesting pictures though!


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