Happy fathers day!


Today a trip to my father-in-law’s for fathers day. This weekend was not supposed to be nice in Holland (see yesterday’s indoors picture!) And yet today was sun, warmth and just a very present day!

In the morning I went for my run in sunscreen and in my 75 minutes, and nearly 12 km, running I went through my 350ml water. A good pace (50 minutes at 6 minutes per km, 2 at 4:30 and a gentle warm up and cool down at either end) and a happy me 🙂

Our little guy rode his loop fiets with no help (or encouragement – he picked it up himself and just got on with it) for the first time.

A quick Skype to my parents to say happy fathers day was also nice. 1600km distance between us and yet my little boy could show of to them almost as easily add he did to his other grandparents 🙂 Modern technology!

All in all a good day. And when getting out of the car I saw this street light blocking the sun and thought… That will be a nice picture for today!


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