The Wall


For today’s run I had a goal in mind: 10km in 1 hour. Or 10km at a max of 6:00 minutes per KM.

Not fast for a real runner, but quite a challenge for someone like me 🙂

The weather was playing ball not too hot when I left and it wasn’t too windy. After my warm up 1km I was ready to start and stepped up the pace. For the first couple of km all was well, 5:45 and very comfortable!

A few sips of water and 4km came and went. Now I’m starting to feel it! Still at 5:50 but I now know I’m running!

5 and 6 come and go and I’m now in pain. My water is 70% gone and the sun is starting to beat down. At one point I’m running into the wind, which whilst hard work is at least cooling!

At 7 I have to turn around and head home. Great, that breeze is now pushing me along!

Only is doesn’t. It’s not enough to push and now the sun is beating down and I don’t have a cooling breeze! I hit the wall at 7.5km. I had a choice. Stop, or see my breakfast for a second time. I choose stop 🙂

After a few seconds the nausea passed and I was ready to start walking whilst I recovered a little. The upshot is that I could get this picture. It was worth it!

After walking for 250m I started again, gently and way off the pace at 6:20 per km.

But, I finished my 10km and I did another 3 afterwards. 14km in total! I’m aching and tired, and very happy that in the space of less than 6 months and training only twice a week I’ve gone from 5km being an achievement to 5km being just over 1/3 distance!


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