Iron Man

Well, actually, possibly more like aluminium ๐Ÿ™‚ Possibly… I don’t know for sure…

Today I had the dry run of colouring and cutting my hair for my brothers wedding later in the year. I’ve been getting bolder and bolder with the colour over the last year or so and whilst I want to keep pushing the boundaries I don’t want to do it for his wedding. So, this was a small push where I could then decide if I didn’t like it I could go back one step before we go.

As it is I love it!

After the hairdresser was finished doing amazing things to my hair we all went to town. Seeing as the weather was nice I thought I’d get the big guy himself for today’s picture. 

When I first moved here Hoofddorp was looking run down. Old shopping malls, a lot empty and almost no restaurants. People laughed at me for living here, after all why live here when you can live in Amsterdam! (Cost and security mainly…) But, not long after I came here they started regeneration. They pulled down a couple of large supermarkets that looked at though it was in the middle of nowhere or buried underground and derelict, dug out many stories of earth and built some superb malls with great restaurants and some atmosphere. No, it’s still not Amsterdam but I am proud to be living here!

This guy was one of the last things to arrive and is now a symbol of the town. 


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