More clouds

Ok, today I’ve remembered! I just lacked inspiration… Thankfully the sun was playing ball and produced this vista in the sky for me!

The lack of inspiration comes from me being exhausted. This morning was a rush, working whilst eating before 7am to make up time before going for a dental appointment.

After thinking I was going to be way early I hit the traffic and ended up being exactly on time. The visit what well (Aside from my normal dentist being on sick leave and me having to have someone I don’t know poking at my teeth – and with my far of the dentist that was enough for a panic!) no issues, just keep brushing well.

Then I really hit the traffic.That bakery that I gave up half way to the office and (20 minutes and 400m further when I reached the first motorway exit I came across!) came and worked from home. But with the time I lost I didn’t stop until nearly 6pm (more than 11 hours after I started!) when I had to cook. Now time to turn off!

Goodnight all!

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