What size?

Today was a relaxed day with the family shopping. We cycled to the next village as we needed some special cat food that we can only get from the vets there. In the square of one of the shopping arcades they have lots of tiled objects for the kids to climb on. 

As well as this show there are also a phone, caterpillar, Champaign bottle, cake slice and lorry tyre. And I’m sure I’m leaving some things out as well πŸ™‚

As well as the cat food we also god the ingredients foe the birthday cheesecake I’m mking for myself this week. 

The cycle back with the little guy falling asleep in his cycle chair was much easier with the wind behind us!

The rest of the day was boring normal stuff – cleaning and cooking (not the cheese cake, that’s later in the week…). I’m sure pictures will follow!


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