Over the last few weeks I’ve been pushing myself really hard trying to get to a good level of fitness, and I’ve been hapoy with the results!

But, my body was starting to complain. Something that my running instructor warned me about 🙂

So today I ran a calm < 150 bmp 7km to have a rest. The fact that I now call 7km a rest is something that still makes me smile!

Add to that Star Wars cookie baking, playing with my son and going to my a great introverts afternoon party and I think I can say I had a good day!

The introverts party was a great experiment from a friend of mine. Bring a bottle, a snack and a book. Read for a few hours, with some chatting in between and you have the making of a party I can enjoy!

Totally stolen from a friend on line: there ain’t no party like an introverts party, ’cause an introverts party don’t start!

So, the foreboding is purely down to the weather today. The clouds over the house and the lights in the neighbours! Wonderful 🙂


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