Good evening!

So, last week I was 40 (and am still loving it!) But for various reasons I wasn’t in the office to celebrate.

So Monday when I arrived, with cheesecake for my colleagues of course, the desks of mu whole team were decorated (two of us share a birthday, and the rhird developer has his 2 days later) and each of us had a little figurine surprise! And when I say surprise I meant it! It was wrapped, in a box which shows all figurines in the series along with the chance of that particular one (this guy is the lowest chance, just one in seventy two) and inside the box is a black plastic bag containing the actual figure!

I have awesome colleagues! I suppose I should watch a Hitchcock file to celebrate 🙂


4 thoughts on “Good evening!

  1. I vote for The Wrong Man. It’s one of most interesting (and underrated) films. Vera Miles gives a haunting performance. And best of all, it stars Henry Fonda. 🙂

    == Cass

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