Where do these stairs go?

They go up!

Actually, they were going down at the time, I took the shot when I reached the bottom 🙂

Yesterday I had a cold hit me. Full on, people telling me to go home. Not that I did of course. Then last night it kept me awake from 1 am till 3:30 am and I was shot this morning. So I worked from.home the best I could. Which meant of course no picture.

So this one was from yesterday will have to suffice 🙂 Aside from exhausted im feeling a bit better now. With a bit od luck, and a good night’s sleep (also with a bit of luck) I should be up and running again tomorrow. Well, maybe not running. I’m leaving that decision until tomorrow afternoon. If the day goes well I’ll join my group for abeun, otherwise I’ll join my couch for a sleep.


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