Too much, too soon

After being downed midweek with cold and not physically able to run today I was feeling good enough to start again!

Knowing this I decided to start slowly. No more than 7 or 8 kilometres. And at a doable pace.

This plan worked until about 6km. When I thought it was doing well enough to rish foing a bit further. And then after 7km though I can do this again. And changed my route to do so.

I was still on target for my heart rate though.

After 9km I knew I’d made a mistake. And headed home again. About 3km away, and having drunk my while water supply, I started to slow, and my bpm was starting to shoot up.

At 10.38km I gave up. Close to throwing up and struggling to stay moving I slowed to a walk and used the recovery time to get this shot. 

I hurt like I have never ran before! Hopefully it will go away before too long! 🙂

And, yes, I’m happy that at least I tried.


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