Busy sunday

A very busy day today. Early (for us) this morning my sister in law came with her family and along with her and my niece I went to an outlet sale for swing dresses. 

I managed to find a lovely summer dress, and my niece a lovely polka dot one. We both just need somewhere to wear them bow 🙂

Whwn we got back the house looked like the toy cabinet had exploded as my little guy was playing with his other cousins having a whale of a time! And when his grandparents turned up it was even better!

This was the sky as everyone went home and we could chill after having a great time with the whole extended family!


2 thoughts on “Busy sunday

  1. I have a swing dress that I bought from Lindy Bop, I had to return one as it didn’t fit at the waist. I’ve just purchased two wiggle dresses to go with the two that I bought at the same time as the swing dress.
    I’m looking forward to wearing them at a 50s and 60s vintage weekend in two weeks time in Chichester.

    • I’d guess that I spend 90% of my time in a swing dress. Getting a good fit is difficult, but worth it!

      Unfortunately this dress turned out to smell like it had been in a warehouse for a year and so it needed cleaning before I could wear it. And that’s when I found out it’s dry clean only! But it’ll come back at the end of this week and then I can enjoy it!

      Hope your weekend goes without a hitch and Mad Men it up!


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