Keep on running

I’ve decided to change my running schedule starting this week. I’m going to run on Mondays as well as Wednesday and Sunday. Which means that running on Sunday isn’t really viable anymore 🙂

So… I’ve started to run on Saturdays instead. The idea is that I do my long run on Saturday, and a shorter one on the Monday when I have less time. I’m not trying to increase the distance to much, just trying to make sure that I’m not too long between runs.

So… Today I went for my long run. Big mistake. The heat was tremendous, and the humidity didn’t let me sweat myself cool. After just 4km I had drank pretty much my entire water supply for what I was going to be a 12km run. And I was already about to fall over.

I still managed 7km in the end, but it was seriously tough!

Today’s shot is from a walk inverter intervals at about 5.5km…


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