That is about how many unread emails I had when I logged in this morning.

Thankfully most of them were out of date and could be ignored. Unfortunately, the ones left took more time than I wanted!

It’s amazing how the first day back in the saddle can make you think that you haven’t actually had a vacation at all šŸ™‚

Or, more accurately, this morning when the 5:30 alarm went off I was deeply regretting bit taking an extra week off to reduce from the two weeks in the UK!

But, it’s too late for this regrets and so the question was more of what I was going to take for my days picture (too many bankers have been used over the weekend and so it’s time to start building s collection again!). There were singe beautiful shots on the way to work, the sun rising over the horizon, showing an orange hue merging into punk and blue across the sky and making the trees and buildings on the horizon boring but a sharp silhouette. But I was driving, so no chance!

This is the office with a less than brilliant sky behind it. The data are staying later bite, and u an actually looking forward to seeing what the dark mornings bring as far as long exposure photographs go! Fingers crossed…


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