Mislukte beelden (failed photos)

Today was a relax at home day. After spending yesterday baking for a guest (I loved having the guest, and loved the baking as well), and after baking my Christmas Cake this morning (it takes hours to bake, and has to mature as well) I didn’t really feel like doing much 🙂

So I made a complex Sunday roast instead…

But… after eating I wanted to get some pictures of my Halloween hat I’m wearing to the office tomorrow. It has netting, spiders and feathers and I thought I could have fun with shadows.

Nope! The wall was too bright, the lighting way too intense (or non existent) and the pictures just didn’t work out as I wanted.

Never mind! I’ll try again sometime when I can spend time setting everything up and trying lotsbof different things…

Instead of that here is another misty shot from Thursday 🙂


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