After getting back from the UK  I’ve been both tired and a little ill. Maybe from the stress of the last few weeks, maybe from the bugs  and viruses that the little guy get.

Anyway,  after waking up yesterday with a bit of a stiff neck I’m in agony today.  Whacked up on paracetamol  to try to take the edge off and wearing a scarf constantly. Which means that it’s nearly two weeks since I went running 😮  and this morning I woke up at 4:30  with pain.

In to of that my head feels fuzzy and I’m really not with it. I was getting me hair done today,  but an hour before I was supposed to be there I was wondering if I was going to make it…

But make it I did,  and I’m happy I did, 2.5  hours of pampering did make me feel a little better.

But I also had no time again because of it (all of the time from this morning was spent semi sleeping on the sofa and making moany  noises every time I tried to move… I  did get this at the hairdressers though. My e-reader and coffee to keep me going during the times when I needed to wait…


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