Back on the road

No, not travelling again, but running.

With everything that has been happening over the last month I’ve not ran at all. So, my fitness has dropped off and my weight has gone up a  little… (Lots of quick and easy food hasn’t helped either)

So, today is about healthy food, lots and lots of vegetables, and running again.

I was aiming for 7km, but as I wanted to see what happened when running without my knee bandages I only managed 5.5 before having to call it a day due to pain (which I still have) in my left knee.

Still, 5:40 min per km for the first 3 (and 6:30 for the next 2 even with periods of walking) fill me with confidence that I’ll get back into it!

It was very cold this morning, when starting the temperature had warmed up to 0 degrees… But amazing sun, no wind and beautiful frost made for a magical winter wonderland in which to run!


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