Light tree

Today I started a process that I don’t want to go into just yet. Whether it’s ultimately successful or not I’ll let you know when it’s complete – but for now I’m going to keep you in suspense. And keep my fingers crossed 🙂

But, after that I also started (and nearly finished) my Christmas shopping! More than a couple of shops and a very tired little man trying to keep up.

I dontr think he appriciated the stop for me to try the Sony VR either. The shop staff were superb. Not only did they stop the little man destrying their shop or running off whilst I was trying it, they also gave some great adbice about when to buy the VR (i.e. wait for next year when there is more choice of equipment to ensure you pick the right one!) When I buy one it will probably be from that shop just because of the service…

The decoration in our local shopping centre consists of many of these light trees, dotted around, sometimes hid aeound corners so you don’t see them until you are upon them.

I think that I. the dark they are probably much more spectacular, but even here I love the effect!


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