The mist had cleared a little by the time that I got to this picture. On one side of the bridge the new offices are there, next to a petrol station and garage and with a fenced cycle path. On the other a very nice family neighbourhood.

Looking down from the bridge in the pre dawn gives a peaceful view from an extraordinarily busy inner road.

And… Considering the spending power of the neighbourhood also a little juxtaposition. You see, on either side of the road, and train track that the bridge goes over, there are steps to walk down to get to the houses without going the long way around.

But, there is a Buddhist couple who choose to live rough on one particular staircase (the one on the opposite side of the tracks to the one in my picture from a couple of days ago).

And when I say choose I mean choose! There has been a concerted effort in the town where I work to help get the homeless a roof over their head (in fact but fit this couple there are no homeless people that are known off). But, this couple see that bridge as their home and do not want to leave it. People make sure that they are OK, where possible, and apparently a lot of people contact the local council concerned about then spending the night in freezing conditions.


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