Today was supposed to be a relaxing day working from home. I knew what I needed to do and was making good progress. 

Then, of course, I wasn’t… Tough to find bugs, the juxtaposition of two letters in code that is not compiled and threw no errors. It just didn’t work…

But I got it in the end, and, was ready to commit my work when someone else committed a huge change that conflicted with mine. So I’m going to have to continue after new years.

But, there was fun in between as well. We went to the garden centre to look at the Christmas trees that were on special offer. Ours is ok, but a new one wouldn’t have hurt. As it was the ones they had left looked worse brand new than ours does after 7 years, so I guess not!

But the little guy loved looking at the Christmas displays and going on the carrousel they had there. And walking out, through their small toy department they had this wonderful car parked. I have no idea what it is, except for Wartburg 1000, so after this I posted I doing some research 🙂


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