Not yet spring cleaning!

Last night, we had our first snow here. Very pretty, but it meant that my nephew’s birthday party was cancelled as the roads were treacherous. By 10am there had been more than 100 accidents on the Dutch motorways and my sister in law decided that she didn’t anyone getting injured.

So we used the time to start our cleaning. Top to bottom of the house. I’m using a backlog idea from my Scrum work to get it organised. Make a backlog of work, and then work top to bottom and stay focused so that one job gets done, not lots of jobs half done. 

So far, so good. Jobs are disappearing from the list, and we are staying focused.

The unexpected time we had today meant that we could pick the cupboard under the stairs. Always a pet hate of mine. Cramped, and basically a dumping ground for the living room so it’s always a mess. 

Well, not for the next couple of weeks. It’s organised, I’ve hacked the drawers in there so that they for the space better than they did. Cleaned out unused junk and expired medication to take to the apothecary. Found my motorbike keys that I lost in August. Oops. (After charging the battery that still started, though it’s too cold for a ride!)

And we found candles. We always had candles on the go before little dude, but until now we haven’t had any since he was born. That changed tonight after he was in bed!


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