Not anywhere specifically, just to the office and then between the two.

But, it’s been difficult all day. Power cuts in the capital meant that I had to take a different route to work as the motorways were stationary from both extra lanes being closed due to the traffic control centers having no power, as well as much more traffic than normal as the trains were also out of power…

And then, on the single carriageway road I used to get to the office there was a bad accident blocking the road partially – from what I could see all safety systems in the cars worked and there was only walking wounded. Which did also serve as a reminder that no matter how bad you think you are having it someone is probably having a worse one.

No photos walking between offices today as it was just too bloody cold to take my gloves off to use the camera! So this is me waiting to go into a meeting with my big, thick, long coat taking up more space on the sofa than I did 🙂


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