Today we had a team day learning about lean startup and small, fast experiments. It took place in an old farm in the middle of nowhere, in freezing conditions.

In other words: it was beautiful

Also, as we had a lot to do in a one day workshop. So although I saw lots of pictures, I could take zero!

So, here is one from yesterday. There is an old, Art Deco service station. It was very run down, and falling apart until a couple of years ago when it was renovated and turned into a space for a new business. What the business is I’m not sure, I never took the time to check (my bad) but what it is is a wonderful piece of architecture. And I’m a little jealous that the company I work for won’t fit there…
Actually, I’m jealous that I don’t have the capital, or knowledge, to start a classic car garage in the building, with or without selling fuel, and return it to its original use. Fixing up old Triumphs, Jaguars, ACs etc. would be somewhat awesome in a garage from the time they were still new 🙂


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