Snotty Sunday

This morning the plan was to do my first 10km of the year. A crisp and cold, but dry, Sunday was expected and whilst I wasn’t expecting an amazing time, I thought I could at least achieve it…

By 8pm last night I knew it wasn’t going to happen… Nose was blocked, throat was in agony and I could barely stay conscious.

This morning was spent collapsed on the sofa, playing with the little guy when the energy was there, and reading when not…

This afternoon was spent finishing the desk in the spare room and in the shower trying to clear my thick head.

Last thing of the day was to get rid of the old plastic, which we need to take to the recycling bins a short walk from the house. Whilst I wanted to stay indoors, the fresh air was good for me, I’m sure.

The weather in the other hand isn’t so great. Cloudy sky, overcast and really not bright make for a sky that is less than impressive.

So in the end it’s tree skeletons I’m afraid… Still, can you ever have enough of those?


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