Caption competition

So, the cold is not getting better… In fact I’m writing this at a time when I should be running, but thatwas just not going to happen today…

Actually, I had decided yesterday that I wasn’t going to run, but then I know me. Even when I said it I knew I would probably push myself anyway.

Taking my inhaler for the first time in more than a year this morning made me decide that I really wasn’t going to run. The fact that it didn’t work, and that I took it again this afternoon sealed it…

But, the picture. Walking around our new building with a group of colleagues and the architects to hear what they are planning on doing for when we move in we saw a lot of damaged pipework (why it was ripped out when the previous company left I don’t know…). One of my colleagues is a lot of fun to be round, his personality just comes across right (if I did half the things he did it would be annoying, but for some reason for him it works! As another colleague commented you’d hate him for it if he wasn’t so damn likeable) and when he saw the pipe he had to poke his head into it. And pull a pose. Awesome đŸ™‚


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