Quick one today – throat is still driving me nuts and my voice has been reduced to a falsetto squeak (and that takes a lot of effort!)

Busy day too – got up late as I could not drag myself out of bed this morning – and at 7:30 thought I’d check where my hospital appointment was. I then saw that it was 2 hours earlier than I thought and I had 30 minutes to do a 30 minute drive and then look for a parking place, get my insurance checked in the hospital and find the department where I needed to be…

I late! But they did the pre operation check (I’m healthy, if you discount feeling lousy…) Explained how they were going to put my under whilst the cut bits of my hand bones away, and I managed to get a date for the operation. I hope this is the last in my life! I already have more under my belt than health questionnaires generally give you space to fill in! Taking pictures, and posting, single handed is going to take shine getting used to!

The picture is not from today, but rather Wednesday. The service station near where I work, and quite different from the one I posted recently!

I love this picture as it has multiple friends of transport in it as well as the light and dark 🙂


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