The clouds are back!

Driving to the office was a nightmare this morning! There was an accident at the point where two motorways merge and after sitting in a jam for 10 or 15 minutes I found out that there was still, in less than 1km, another 30 minutes delay ahead of me. 

Thanks to my TomTom, linked with some local knowledge of roadworks that TomTom didn’t know were complete, I managed to leave the motorway, turn around, and get to the office only losing the time I had already been sitting there.

Whilst going down one of the alternative motorways the sky was simply breath taking, but of course you can’t take that picture. When I left to join a country road I could stop and get the remains of the sky from the side of the road. Not as breath taking, but beautiful none the less 🙂


2 thoughts on “The clouds are back!

    • Thanks Cass! The pattern was a lot more dramatic just 5 minutes earlier, and 5 minutes later it was fine!

      I’m on the mend thanks, hoping to start running again on Sunday – it’s more than 2 weeks now since I last ran, not good!


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