Always Coca-Cola!

OK, I’m a sucker for some advertising, and a sucker for anything retro. So Coca-Cola in contoured, glass bottles gets me paying too much cheaper for home coke 🙂

Of course, it does taste different, better different, out of the bottle 🙂 I don’t know if it is a pressure vessel thing, or plastic vs glass affecting the taste, but I swear I can tell the difference! 

This was drunk today, and I loved the way the light was reflecting and refracting from the different shapes in the glass. It didn’t quite come across in the picture though – will have to try again…


One thought on “Always Coca-Cola!

  1. When I was in my late teens I used to drink Holsten Pils on a night out. Occasionally it would come in a glass rather than a bottle. There was such a difference in taste with it always tasting better from the bottle.

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