Hit the road

So, after more than 2 weeks not running at all due to my cold I was back on the road again this morning. 

I’m still not perfect, my throat is still a little painful, nose a little runny, and I’m coughing like I smoke – albeit down from 60 a day to maybe 10…

So, I left with a realistic goal. 5km, maybe 7km if I felt up to it. At 1.5 I was feeling amazing. At 2.5 I was wondering if I was going to make 5. At 3 I had to walk for a couple of minutes 🙂

But, that rest did me the world of good. At 5 I d codes to do small increments and see where I got to.

At 7 I was exhausted, 8 I wanted to stop, 8.5 I did, and got this picture (running down the steps that you can’t see did my legs in the end!)

I was running again at 8.75! Until 9.25. Now I was shot, running on empty, legs like jelly, and one knee feeling like it was being stabbed. My problem was I was getting belligerent with myself. There was no way I was going to miss a 10km target when I was this close. The last 800m were awful. Running and walking eeking out those last few meters. The woman who was just behind me walking (she had let me past 50m earlier) must have thought I was mad when my watch said 10km and I threw my arms in the air like I’d just won the Olympic 10km…

But, for the first time in 2017, I’ve broken the 10km mark. Not quick, 10 minutes off of my fastest time at 1:08, but complete. Obviously I want to do this again a few times, but my next real milestone is 14km. Then 18 and finally, come September, I want to break 21 – a half marathon distance. That’s my target, it was a conversation that I had with my dad the last time I stayed with my parents and he was so sure that his daughter could do it if she her mind to it that I am going to have to make it now.


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