In if you have to pay to get out

I’ve always wondered about that statement in English. It’s supposed to be a way of telling off children who are too nosey.

And yet… Most adults who use it also use car parks. Where, for the most part, you do drive in and then have to pay to get out.

First day of vacation today, well, staycation. A few weeks recuperation, a visit from my mum, and DIY in the house to get the bits that are starting to look untidy back to tip top condition. The bathroom ceiling and grouting are tomorrow, the downstairs toilet (if I can decide between painting the existing files or learning how to tile) for next week, along with the kitchen walls.

I fitted a tap in the downstairs toilet today, the first time I’ve ever fitted a tap on my own!

And of course, spring cleaning the rest of the house. Maybe I’m going to go back to work and treat it like a rest 🙂


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