This morning I took the little guy to daycare by bike as I didn’t have to get to work afterwards. Rather than come home afterwards and start with my DIY decided to take a detour and grab some pictures that I’ve seen in the car so many times, but never been able to shoot (after all, when you are driving you can’t really take the phone out and start taking snaps…)

So a few miles of cycling in near freezing weather, with me trying to figure out of I’ve made a mistake more than once when the pain of the butter cold was hitting me, I got to this bridge. Brug de luit.

There is a path so that you can get underneath the bridge and get shots that you wouldn’t think possible when looking at it from the road.

Be warned, lots of bankers were taken today, I had a fantastic time and only stopped when I could no longer feel my fingers! And the. Had to cycle home! But, totally worth it!


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