Stacy Clouds is back!

Today we’ve been busy decorating the kitchen. The off white walls have had another coat of off white so they look fresh and the feature wall, which only has about 1m2 of painted surface, has had a new punchy mint green coat given to it! A nice ultraodern kitchen, all tight straight lines, white cabinets, glass and stainless steel equipment with a retro touch to match my dress sense. Tonight we are ordering a retro toaster, and if I get my way, a retro kettle to go with it to match 🙂

And seeing as the kitchen was out of use after the painting, and the dining table was full of everything that we took out of the kitchen we went out for lunch. A restaurant close to where we live, on the edge of the lake I’ve used before on this blog.

We got a table next to the window and I got this shot of the amazing clouds today. Which is about the only thing that we did get. The coffee was served cold, and after waiting for about 45 minutes to order, we left. We knew it wasn’t great, but we weren’t expecting it to be this bad! Oh well, the Chinese takeaway we had this evening more than made up for it!

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