Why does it rain down on me

A full day today! Busy in the office, but what else is new!

But, this afternoon I was working from home as I needed to be at the town hall at the end of the day. As of today I have an extra nationality! After living in the Netherlands for 18 years (I think to the day!) I have taken the nationality!

What started as a practical thing after Brexit has actually turned into an emotional thing, I’m so happy to have reached this point!

The celebration was supposed to be a last run before an operation I need to have (aside from my in laws being at the ceremony, which was also amazing). But, my body decided that this wasn’t going to happen! I stepped out of the car after capturing the rain in the car park and my knee sent shockwaves of pain around my kneecap… (I know, Cass, I know…)

So I’m celebrating with a glass of very good red wine in front of the TV instead… Proost!


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