Town hall

Don’t you hate it when you start early, struggle to get into your groove, not to mention have to sit around waiting for information from others, and then when you want to stop it gets busy?

That was my day today! Working from 6:30 this morning and struggling to get going, doing the weekly shopping (including supplies for sewing my own curtains in the kitchen!) and then struggling this afternoon with a little dude that didn’t want to sleep, and three jobs intermingling but not ending so I couldn’t continue my Angular 2 studies!

And no time for pictures.

But I did start on my food packet that I got from the local government for food this evening. And, wow, is out local produce tasty! And huge! One potato was big enough for three people a when cut into French fries to cook in the oven.

To celebrate starting the produce, I had local cheese for lunch as well :), this is the building where I got my citizenship. The culture center where we were at the theater last week is visible just to the aide. Guess when it was taken 🙂 


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