Operation update

View from the outpatient clinic.

Well, the surgeon is happy enough with the recovery, though concerned with the range of movement in my thumb and index finger. Not enough to need to see me again, but he’s glad I’m doing so much physiotherapy.

And, there is a chance that I will never get feeling back in my thumb… It won’t affect movement, and it’s not in the pad at so won’t affect me daily. Just feels very, very weird. Like I’ve slept on it funnily. Hohum.

What shocked me is that I can expect full recovery to take up to 9 months if everything goes to plan. Until that time pain, swelling and lack of movement are all expected, though they should slowly improve. Wow…

Oh, and i can finally start to drive again – as long as it doesn’t cause too much pain. Mixed emotions there. Love driving, and the freedom, but it means the views I’ve had the last 6 weeks will not be available any more…

Finally, a bit late as our little man spent yesterday afternoon, evening, night and this morning being ill every 45 minutes. We’re all exhausted! He’s starting to keep liquids long enough to absorb the water so fingers crossed it’ll improve today.


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