I suppose you could also call it home stock photography 🙂

This week I had a new toy delivered, a tripod for the phone. I’m planning on some long exposure pictures (something I enjoy with my DSLR) and maybe trying some timelapse video as well.

This, well, this was neither. This was playing with perspective and figuring out how to handle a phone camera when trying for interesting shots. 

The problem being that the lenses is in a very unnatural position for perspective. It’s tucked out of the way in one corner, good for holding the camera in portrait or landscape (well nearly, it’s easy to get a finger in shot), but not so great for holding it at odd angles, hanging over difficult shaped objects. The you have to figure out how to hold the phone to get the correct corner in the right place.
Not a bad start, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else in house works for this type of photography.


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